Romanian Aviation History


Unlike other "aviation" websites, addresses a different theme on all types of aircraft that belonged to and were part of the Romanian civil and military aviation.

In addition to these internal topics, the website exhibits the history of global aircraft that has contributed to the advancement of aviation itself. We want to expose in the history of aviation the subjects of previously treated aircraft, but with completions that have not been written yet. Some photos, part of their own archive, are processed both personally and in collaboration with Visuad Marketing SRL.

Romanian aviation is absent in the world for extremely many types of aircraft and profile pictures exhibited in books and on the internet. That's why, in addition to the different approach mentioned above, we will expose in time types of aircraft that have never flown. Instead of an epilogue, I would like to briefly express the sympathy and thanks of all the collaborators who helped me to expose on what has been missed so far in the field of Roman aviation.